There are many opportunities to invest in Ghana. There are projects, companies, stocks and people to invest in. There is a site called Kiva where you can invest in micro-finance projects throughout the world.

Investing is better than charity.  With invest comes technology trade. Right now many places in Africa are lacking technology.  With investment comes jobs for the locals. The money from these jobs will go to paying for food, school, and other things.  So this expands the economy even more.  Where as charity harms the economy very much.  If there is a manufacturer of shoes in Africa and the company hires 100 people to work for them.  Then a charity donates millions of shoes to the same country.  Nothing can beat free products. So the consumers will go for the free products instead of buying it.  So the shoe manufacturer will go out of business.  Those 100 people who work in that company will go out of business and they will not be able to support their family.  This will actually increase poverty than alleviate it.  This exact thing happened when George W Bush donated millions of mosquito nets to Africa.  Those mosquito net manufacturers went out of business.  The best thing would have been for George Bush to buy a million mosquito nets from manufacturers of mosquito nets in Africa. This would create jobs and wealth  So in the short term it seems good but in the long term it is bad.

There are also charities like Books for Africa that donate books to Africa.  There are book manufactures that are losing business because of this. Also in the books, what point of view is it.  Many history books make Africa look bad and always make Africans negative.  This will have a negative effect on the minds of the Africans who are reading the book.  So it is actually better to pay for books that show Africa positively than get free books that show Africa negatively.

Instead of donating free food from outside of Africa to Africans.  Then go to Africa and buy from a market there and give it to the locals.  This is what Rick Ross did when he came to Nigeria in Summer of 2012. When he bought from within the country then money stays there and jobs are being created by people within the country.



Check out the The Tony Elumelu Foundation. He is promoting entrepreneurship and investment in Africa to stir economic growth. He also coined the term Africapitalism. Here is the definition of it:

“Africapitalism is an economic philosophy that embodies the private sector’s commitment to the economic transformation of Africa through investments that create both economic prosperity and social wealth. We see Africans taking charge of the value-adding sectors and ensuring that those value-added processes happen in Africa, not through nationalisation or government policies, but because there is a generation of private sector entrepreneurs who have the vision, the tools and the opportunity to shape the destiny of the continent. Africapitalism is not capitalism with an African twist; it is a rallying cry for empowering the private sector to drive Africa’s economic and social growth.”