The reason why Africa is so poor is because we don’t make finished goods. We export coltan/cobalt and import phones. We export oil and import gas/ plastic and other refined products. We export iron ore and import steel. Export cocoa and import chocolate. In order for us to become a rich we have to ADD VALUE to all of our resources. We have to build factories that have finished goods and export the goods. Also we have to consume what we produce so they can stay in business because sometimes we have a love for foreign goods. Many African artists love wearing and promoting Italian clothes, French Champagne, and German cars. In many African music videos, we barely promote our own goods. We have to change this mindset.

In order to solve this problem I created the African Economic Development Plan. I am promoting African goods, fashion, art, tourism and investing. All of these will develop the African economy. I also want to educate people about the importance of understanding economic issues so we can build a great continent. Right now Africa only has 2% of global trade, in order for us to reduce poverty and raise the standard of living, we have to bring this up to hopefully around 10%. If we do this poverty will reduce, crime will reduce, jobs will be created, more taxes with be generated which will pay for healthcare and education. I also want to promote intra-African trade because the African continent trades with itself the least. This is an African solution to an African problem.
I am sick of people talking about things that they can do to fix Africa. Here are ACTIONS you can take in order to do this. You will be developing the economy of Africa and putting money into the community. If you read the book Capitalist Nigger by Chika Onyeani you will see how the black race world wide doesn’t produce or own much. In order for us to gain economic independence we have to support one another. This can be a GLOBAL thing. We must buy each others products and services, tour in each others countries, and also invest in each other. We must work together to create a Pan-African economic unite. This will put more money into our pockets so we can create wealth and enrich our continent. Ancient Egypt wasn’t built over night, it will take a while but after our hard work, it will be worth it. Better healthcare, education, less crime and a better community to live in!!

The site will be discussing everything that affects the economy including, politics, business, history, sociology, and others. This is an educational site and is ACTION based.

Let’s start a movement!!